About Us

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When people ask us what we do, it's very hard to answer. See, if you're asking about what we do to earn a paycheck we can say we do a little bit of investing, real estate and marketing. But if you're asking what we do in general, we're so much more than our jobs. We're parents, travelers, adventurers, lovers, and dreamers. Thankfully, through the world of remote work, we no longer have to choose between working to live or even living to work because we have the liberty to choose how, when, and where we want to do either. 

We started NomadCulture as a celebration of the collective spirit of liberty felt by all location-independent workers. From the work-at-home parent who multi-tasks like a pro, to the startup hustler who knows the staff at every local coffee shop, to the digital nomads who travel the world and gain creativity from the planet's most incredible views. We go against the norms to reap amazing benefits, and it's something we want to share with the world. 

We hope the products in our store resonate with you the way it did with us when we were designing them from our local Starbucks-- with our daughter dancing around the store, a coffee in each of our hands, and receipts from coffee shops all over the world stuffed up in the laptop briefcase. 

Thanks for taking part of this culture. 


Stefany & Marlon