Shipping Information

We get you, you’re in town one minute and then another country the next!! As a digital nomad, one of the hardest things that you’ve got to do deal with is ordering stuff online.  

We can’t solve all of that for you, and we don’t know what Amazon did with that Tim Ferriss book you ordered months back. But we made this little guide to help you understand the orders on our site.

First, we ship worldwide for a flat rate of $5! At the flat rate, it can take anywhere between 5-8 business days in the US, 6-12 days in Canada, and 5-20 days internationally to receive your items.

If you upgrade shipping, the cost will calculate based on where you are. Your options would be:

  • Overnight (Available only in US): Next Day Delivery
  • Express: 1-3 Business Days in the US, Canada and Internationally
  • Standard: 3-5 Business Days in the US and Internationally, 3-6 days in Canada.

If you want to play it extra safe, please include a buffer of 5 days since some countries have a slower customs process than others. We haven’t seen that happen yet since most shirts are received on the shorter range of the dates listed, but good to know just in case. We also know some countries may collect tax on what you buy online.  

Oh- one more thing, we do not ship to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Crimea, Syria and North Korea.

Of course, we want nothing more than to get these shirts to you so you can rock them and show em off to friends. If there’s anything at all that we can help you with, don’t hesitate at all to reach out to us!